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Posted 5/6/2011 Printable Fact Sheet

On receipt of your orders please ensure you contact your gaining Commander Support Staff who will put you in contact with a named sponsor.

Ensure you have begun the process of shipping household goods and vehicles to the UK with your current TMO, all weight limits and none shippable items will be discussed at this point. Remember to arrange all your travel to the UK through TMO, discussing any leave enroute and/or TDY enroute.

Housing in the UK varies greatly. Please consider the amount and size of household goods and the importance of living in the local community or the military community.
For more information, contact the housing office on:
DSN (314) 236-8761 
Commercial 01280 70 8761 (inside the UK)
Commercial 011 44 1280 70 8761 (outside the UK)

DODDS (Department of Defense Dependants Schools) 
Only civilian high schools are available - parents will need to enroll their children into the Non-DoDDS School Program.
Students attending 7th-12th grades need to be registered into the Non-DoDDS School Program. To begin the process please visit:
www.eu.dodea.edu/nondod.htm and see the "First steps for parents" section.
Complete a Form 610 and give it to the School Liaison Officer, located in CAS, for routing and Command signatures.
School choice is the parent's decision: there are American curriculum and British school choices to consider.
Public and Private schools can be researched through the Local Education Authority:
www.northamptonshire.gov.uk and www.oxfordshire.gov.uk
For information about the Office for Standards in (British) Education please visit http://www.ofsted.gov.uk
Croughton American School is available for students Pre-K through 6th grade. For more information about this elementary school on base please visit: www.crou-ems.eu.dodea.edu

Pet Registration
The rules for animals in the UK are very different from the USA. If you are thinking about bringing a pet with you, please access the link below to view the Rules and Regulations. To minimize stress on you and your pet, initiate the process at least 6 Months prior to your PCS date.

Ministry of Transport
Vehicles in the UK need to pass a Ministry of Transport test and is primarily a road safety measure designed to ensure that all cars, motorcycles and lights goods vehicles over 3 years old are properly maintained and comply with certain requirements of the law.


Drivers Training
As with most programs, the drivers and safety training is now online for you to complete before your arrival in the UK. Please ensure you study the material before taking the test as the driving in the UK is far more aggressive and it is for your own safety.

You will need to be registered to AF Portal to use this link:


When you attend the drivers training brief you will need to bring your valid State Side Drivers License to obtain a USAFE 374 Drivers Permit (The agreed license for Visiting Forces). You will also be required to provide a copy of your title or registration, or the vehicle's VIN# so a Customs and Excise 941 can be completed at the same time as your USAFE 374.

Motorcycle Information
If you are coming to the UK it is highly recommended to take a refresher Motorcycle Safety Foundation course if it has been 3 years since your previous test. 
For further information please contact:
422nd ABG Safety Office
DSN (314) 236-8580
Commercial 01280 708 580 (inside the UK)
Cmmercial 011 44 1280 708 580(outside the UK) 

.Currency Information
Currency rates fluctuate daily. Your Cost of Living Allowance will help make higher exchange rates more manageable.

For more information please check out the following:

Point of Contact
422nd Air Base Squadron Commander's Support Staff
DSN (314) 236-8103
Commercial 01280 708 103 (inside the UK)
Commercial 011 44 1280 708 103 (outside the UK)

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