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Posted 5/2/2013 Printable Fact Sheet

Our Mission: Fit Fighters, Healthy Families

Our Vision: The leader in compassionate, quality, full-spectrum health care

Services provided: Family Practice, Pharmacy, Immunizations, Laboratory, General Dentistry, Mental Health Services, Family Advocacy, and Public Health in an ambulatory care setting. We offer a vast network of Host Nation providers within the local area if specialty care referrals are required.

Monday and Friday: 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.;
Tuesday and Thursday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.;
Wednesday: 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

24 hour Nurse Advice Line
00 800 47 592 330

Medical Appointments
01280 708 737 (DSN 236-8737)

Dental Appointments
01280 708 819 (DSN 236-8819)

Dental emergencies (after duty hours)
07718 512 742

After hours medical provider
07718 512 741

Emergency contact numbers
On-base: call 911/ Off-base: 999

Prescription services are provided by the 422nd Medical Flight. Prescriptions can be picked-up during all normal operating hours. For any questions please contact the clinic at: DSN: 236-8737 or commercial 01280 708 737

Medication Refills
To reorder medication refills, call DSN: 226-8091/commercial 01638 528 091/or Toll free: 0800 919 121. Press ext. 2 for Croughton and then follow the prompts. (Be advised that some of the information on the recording is not up to date.) Medications will be available for pickup the following day after 8 a.m. at the RAF Croughton Pharmacy.

Active Duty
Active Duty Service Members may book eye exams only. Appointments are offered on a quarterly schedule (Jan-Apr-Jul-Oct) at RAF Croughton. For an appointment call 236-8737, Comm.: 01280 708 737

If an appointment is needed sooner call RAF Lakenheath Optometry Clinic and book an appointment. Call DSN 226-8010, commercial 01638 528 010, option 3

Active Duty Dependents
Active Duty dependents have limited appointment slots available and for the RAF Croughton clinic each quarter.

Currently no space available for eye exams.

Dental Clinic
We provide comprehensive dental care for all active duty and other eligible beneficiaries stationed at RAF Croughton, RAF Fairford and surrounding areas.

Services include:
--Diagnostic services (exams, diagnosis, x-rays, treatment plans)
--General dentistry (fillings, restorations/repairs, TMD evaluation and splints)
--Preventive dentistry (cleanings, sealants, sport guards)
--Endodontics (root canals)
--Periodontics (scaling and root planing, deep cleanings, gum surgery)
--Prosthodontics (crowns, bridges, partials, dentures)
--Pediatric dentistry (children's needs)
--Oral surgery (extractions, IV sedations, wisdom teeth removal, biopsies)

Advisements before you PCS:
--Specialty referrals can be made to the 48th Medical Group, RAF Lakenheath, for implants and orthodontic treatment. Care may be given after evaluation by their staff; however, it must be noted that orthodontic and/or implant treatment is not guaranteed, and is at the discretion of the provider making the evaluation at RAF Lakenheath. Another option is to seek care at an off base provider for those services and utilize the Tricare Dental Plan.

--Dependents are highly encouraged to seek care at their civilian dentist prior to coming overseas. While it is true that we can provide many services, our practice is primarily focused on providing General Dentistry and Preventive care for active duty members and their families.

For further information feel free to contact the Dental clinic at DSN 236-8819/commercial 01280 708 819.

Mental Health Clinic
The purpose of the Mental Health Clinic is to support Air Force readiness by providing the best mental health care during peacetime and wartime. Services are available to active duty members, their dependents 10 years of age and older, and as space available for eligible retirees and civilian pay patients. A child psychologist is available on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Goals and Objectives:
* Provide treatment of active duty personnel experiencing mental health related problems.
* Provide evaluation and treatment of other eligible beneficiaries when resources are available to do so or make appropriate referrals.
* Provide consultation and education to commanders, the Air Force community,
and civilian work force.
* Provide appropriate case management to ensure effective service delivery to Air Force families.

* Evaluation and consultation upon request from 422nd ABS Medical Clinic staff or patient self referral.
* Individual and marital therapy depending upon presenting problem and suitability for therapy.
* Stress management training.
* 24-hour on-call Crisis intervention aimed at preventing escalation of acute situations.
* Emergency consultation during clinic hours concerning diagnosis, management, and disposition of Life Skills patients.
* Arrange for inpatient stabilization of patients who are moderately dysfunctional due to psychological problems, and/or acutely suicidal or aggressive toward others.
* Provide Suicide Prevention /Workplace Violence Awareness Briefings

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Program (ADAPT)
* Drug and alcohol evaluation of active duty personnel and their dependents.
* Outpatient reorientation program aimed at education and prevention of alcohol and drug related problems.
* Outpatient rehabilitation program aimed at individual and group treatment
of alcohol and drug related problems.
* Referral to inpatient rehabilitation program (when indicated) for active duty substance abuse patients
* Referral for appropriate treatment in the civilian community for non-military substance abuse patients.

Medical Emergencies
Go to the nearest emergency room, even during working hours, if it is a serious life threatening injury or illness. Due to our limited capabilities, the best emergency care will be provided by a local Emergency Care Centre.

Contact the Tricare Service Centre the next duty day after any emergency. This is a requirement of all Active Duty and their family members, especially if there has been an admission.

Follow up with a Primary Care Manager. It is mandatory for All Active Duty to be seen at the Medical Flight within 72 hours.

Nearest Emergency room:
From Croughton: Horton Hospital--01295 275 500 (Banbury) Post Code: OX16 9AL
From Bicester: John Radcliffe Hospital--01865 741 166 (Oxford) Post Code: OX3 9DU

Written directions are available at the Croughton Medical Clinic.

The Department of Defense offers the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Overseas Program to eligible participants living overseas. The WIC Overseas Program provides you and your family with several important benefits:
. Nutritious food
. Tips on how to prepare balanced meals
. Nutrition and health screenings
. Access to other resources that help you and your family lead healthier lives

WIC Overseas Croughton: RN - Heather Lakey
Phone number: DSN 236-8248 or 01280 708248
Office Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:15 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.
Email: heather.lakey.ctr@us.af.mil
BLDG 140 Room 129

Command Sponsorship
--For enrolment into Prime, all family members of Active Duty must be command sponsored. Please bring a copy of your letter by the Tricare Service Center.

Travelling with Tricare
--Any emergency care will be covered while travelling in Britain or Europe; however, it is always wise to stop by the TRICARE Service Center to pick up the latest information and phone numbers before departing. Routine care is not covered when going to another region without transferring the enrolment, depending on the length of stay. Talk to the Service Center staff to ensure you will be covered during your trip--it may very well save you from paying any non-network provider invoices out of pocket.

Enroll with Tricare Online!
--Did you know that you can beat the rush on prime medical appointment times by registering and booking online? Just register and book with tricare Online by using the guide below:

Register with Tricare Online
1. Go to www.TricareOnline.com
2. Read the Online Privacy and Security Policy, click "I Agree"
3. Click "Site Registration"
4. Click "Patient Registration Only (Beneficiary)"
5. Read the disclaimer and click "I Agree"
6. Follow on screen directions to complete registration
(NOTE: You will need your Sponsor's Social Security number to register. All family members must be registered separately with their own Social Security number. Each family member will have their own password and user ID).

Book Appointments Online
Once you register, scheduling appointments is fast and easy; in fact, you can access the site 24 hours a day!
1. Go to www.TricareOnline.com
2. Read the Online Privacy and Security Policy and click "I Agree"
3. "Log On" by entering your Username and Password
4. Click "Appointments"
5. Select a "Visit Reason" from the drop down menu items and click "view Available Appointments" (The available appointments of your Primary Care Manager will be displayed).
6. Select the appointment you want or follow the directions on the screen.

Check Your Coverage
In Europe, active-duty family members have two options for medical care: Tricare Prime and Tricare Standard. Most active-duty families choose Ticare Prime, which offers no out-of-pocket costs for covered services, a Primary Care Manager and priority access to military medical facilities. Enrollment is required. Tricare Standard covers all retirees and is an option for active-duty family members who want more freedom to choose providers. Costs include deductibles (money you pay before Tricare benefits take effect) and cost shares (a percentage of medical bills which you are responsible for paying). Though costs are higher than Tricare Prime, they are still significantly lower than most civilian health plans.

How to Enroll
To enroll in Tricare Prime, active-duty families should contact their local Tricare Service Center (go to www.europe.tricare.osd.mil and click "Tricare Service Centers"). Retirees under age 65 and active-duty families who choose Tricare Standard do not need to enroll, but it is still a good idea to contact your Tricare Service Center to verify that you are in the system correctly. Retirees who are 65 or older must enroll in Medicare Part B to be eligible for Tricare for Life. Your Tricare Service Center can provide information on how to do this. There are a variety of special programs for Reserve component members, and their families, who are on active duty or who have been activated in support of a major contingency such as Operation Enduring Freedom or Operation Iraqi Freedom. Go to http://www.tricare.osd.mil/reserve/ for details.

Dental Care
Military dental facilities overseas treat family members on a space-available basis. The availability of appointments varies by location and circumstances--such as deployments. Therefore, active-duty and certain Reserve component families are encouraged to consider enrollment in the Tricare Dental Program, which offers coverage for most dental procedures, including orthodontics and dental implants, for a low monthly premium. Active-duty families pay just $10.51 for one family member and $26.27 for multiple family members. For details, go to www.tricaredentalprogram.com. 

For medical information and access to a registered nurse any time day or night, regardless of where you live or are traveling, call the Tricare Nurse Advice Line toll free at 00 800 47 592 330. The Nurse Advice Line can answer your questions and give you up to date medical guidance. This new toll free telephone number is accessible in all European countries except Greece, Turkey, and Bahrain.

422nd ABG/SG, Medical Clinic; DSN (314) 236-8737 / UK Commercial 01280 708 737 / From U.S. Commercial 011 44 1280 708 737.

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