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Posted 5/6/2011 Printable Fact Sheet

Traffic Management Office
Bldg 561
TMO Facts

The following is a list of your responsibilities and the carrier's responsibilities with regards to your personal property and/or privately owned vehicle shipment(s).

Your responsibilities:
· Contact TMO as soon as possible after your arrival even though you may not know the delivery address for your personal property or information about your privately owned vehicle. The transportation office needs a telephone number and/or address where you can be reached on short notice.

· As soon as you have a delivery address for your personal property, call TMO again and provide this information.

· If possible, be prepared to accept delivery of your property as soon as it arrives. This will prevent additional handling and reduce the chances of loss or damage. It will also reduce or eliminate storage expenses.

· You or your representative designated in writing must be home on the day of delivery. You can expect the carrier to begin service between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. However, if you have no objection to the carrier beginning service before or after these hours, let the traffic management office know.

· Know in advance where you want each piece of furniture placed in your residence. The mover is required to place each piece only one time.

· Be sure to check off each carton or item off the inventory as it is delivered. Make sure everything that was picked up is delivered.

· Make sure you carefully look over your property and list any missing inventory items or noticeable damage at this time. List any damage or missing items with appropriate inventory numbers on the "Joint Statement of Loss or Damage at Delivery" (DD Form 1840) to avoid problems.

· Do not sign for services if they were not performed by the carrier.

· Do not argue with the carrier. If you experience any problems with the carrier agents call the Traffic Management Office at once. Any problems encountered with the pickup or delivery of your personal property should be addressed to the following offices:

Transportation Officer DSN 268-3964
Commercial 01480 843 964
Inbound: DSN 268-3357
Commercial 01480 843 357
Outbound: DSN 268-3755
Commercial 01480843 755
Quality Control DSN 268-3955
Commercial 01480 843 955

Carrier's Responsibilities at Destination:
At the time of delivery, the carrier must:

· Unpack and unwrap all cartons, boxes and crates. Take note: You may waive unpacking at any time during the delivery. However, the carrier is NOT required to return later to unpack or remove debris.

· Place each item or carton in the room you indicate. This one-time placement includes placing unpacked articles in cabinets, cupboards or on kitchen shelves when convenient, safe and your desired location. Have placement planned out before the carrier arrives. Movers are required to place each item only once.

· Assemble all furniture and equipment disassembled by the movers at origin.

· Remove packing and blocking from appliances. The carrier is not required to connect appliances to electric, gas, or water outlets.

· Remove all packing material resulting from the unpacking.

· Jointly, with you, make a written record of any loss or damage on the DD Form 1840, "Joint Statement of Loss or Damage at Delivery," sign the document and obtain your signature. The carrier's representative must leave three copies of DD Form 1840/1840R with you.

Movers are NOT required to go into an attic, crawl space or similar storage area for the purpose of delivering and placing personal property. This includes areas that:

· Are not accessible by a permanent stairway (ladders are not permanent stairways);
· Are not adequately lighted;
· Do not have a finished floor;
· Do not allow a person to stand erect.

Once the shipment has been delivered, the carrier is not required to deliver property to a self-storage facility.

If you do have missing or damaged property, you will need to contact the Legal Office.

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