422nd Environmental Policy Statement

1. In accordance with AFI 32-7001 (Environmental Management) protecting the environment is one of our highest priorities as we work towards continuous improvement. The 422d and associated GSU’s must remain committed towards improving, conserving and protecting our environment. We must strive to: 

a. Encourage sustainable use of natural, recycled and manufactured resources

b. Promote awareness and working best practices to prevent environmental pollution

c. Build environmental requirements into all polices, programs and missions

d. Integrate environmental best practices into the community and all levels of management

e. Adopt continuous improvement concepts in environmental objectives and performance

f. Exceed regulatory and legislative requirements wherever possible

g. Work to promote waste minimization and the conservation of energy and water

h. Effectively communicate and enforce US Air Force environmental policy

i. Stringently comply with host nation applicable laws, legislation

j. Comply with Environmental Management System (EMS) Scope requirements

2. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Mr. Nearn, the 422d Environmental Coordinator, 422 CES/CEIEP, at DSN 314-236-8456 or mark.nearn.1.gb@us.af.mil.