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423 Medical Squadron

423 MDS

Location: RAF Alconbury, Building 623

Mission: Provide agile medical support services to our community to enable intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance, command & control and global strike in support of US and NATO objectives


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The 423d Medical Squadron provides routine medical and dental care for all active duty and dependents stationed at RAF Molesworth and RAF Alconbury. A modern family practice clinic is located at RAF Alconbury, staffed with two military family practice physicians and three dentists.

The RAF Alconbury Clinic is an outpatient facility. All 423 MDS activities are scheduled through an appointments system. Specialty services requires a referral to either military or civilian facilities. The RAF Alconbury Clinic is not equipped to handle true medical emergencies.

How to Obtain Care
To obtain care at the RAF Alconbury Clinic you must be registered in the RAF Alconbury Clinic database. To register, submit an enrollment form at the RAF Alconbury Tricare Enrollments Office. In addition, you must ensure that you and your family members are enrolled as eligible for medical care in the Defense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting System and that all DEERS information is up-to-date. Once properly registered at the clinic, you may call the appointment line to make an appointment. Enrollment forms are also available at Newcomer's Orientation.

TRICARE Europe Benefits
Health care benefits for active duty and retired military members and their families are provided under TRICARE Europe. Most active duty members and their families are covered under TRICARE Europe Prime. The Prime Program brings together the health care resources of each of the military services and supplements them with networks of civilian health care professionals to provide better access and high quality service while maintaining the capability to support military operations. Prime is not currently available for military retirees living overseas, although they may be seen on a space available basis at military medical facilities throughout the region.

Tricare Enrollments Office - enrollments, transfers, travel information, PCS and registration.
Phone: DSN 268-4561 or Commercial 01480 844 561.

Tricare Referral and Claims Office - referrals, specialty appointments with civilian providers and military treatment facilities, claims assistance and health benefit advice.
Phone: DSN 268-4502 or Commercial 01480 844 502.


Services Offered at the 423 MDS  
Primary Care Medical Home (PCMH) 
PCMH is a model of care that strengthens the clinician-patient relationship by replacing episodic care with coordinated care and a long-term healing relationship. Each patient has a relationship with their Primary Care Clinician who leads a team that takes collective responsibility for patient care, providing for the patients’ health care needs and arranging for appropriate care with other qualified clinicians. We have two family medicine physicians to provide this care. For any specialty care patients will be referred to either local host nation providers or the 48th Medical Group at RAF Lakenheath. 

For persons and families with special needs, the RAF Alconbury Clinic houses a small staff of professionals in Family Advocacy; the Exceptional Family Member Program; and Educational and Developmental Intervention Services.

Please note that there is no sick call or walk-in appointment system: Active Duty Sick Call will fall under the normal appointment system. To schedule appointments for the Family Health Clinic, call the appointment line at: 01480842273

Dental Care
Routine care, including an annual dental examination and cleaning for active duty and family members (children over 4-years-old), is provided at the RAF Alconbury Dental Clinic. Historically, specialty dental care has been available to meet most family members' needs (dental crowns, root canals and teeth extractions). Any patient who is experiencing dental pain/injury or has a dental concern may call the RAF Alconbury Dental Clinic and schedule an acute appointment to address their special need. These appointments are available Monday through Friday, except Wednesdays. If a dental emergency occurs outside of normal duty hours (evenings and weekends), ID card holders can report to RAF Lakenheath ER for evaluation and treatment.

Orthodontics is extremely limited due to the fact that there are no orthodontists assigned to the RAF Alconbury Dental Clinic. Those patients in active treatment (fixed braces) started prior to notification of assignment overseas receive the highest priority and utilize most of the limited available appointments. Another option for orthodontic care is through the TRICARE Dental Program. For more information on this program, contact the RAF Alconbury Dental Clinic or call the TRICARE Dental Program (TDP): 18446534061 (CONUS)/18446534060 (OCONUS)

Services are available at the RAF Alconbury Clinic during regular clinic hours. Requests for refills must be called in 24-hours in advance for pick up at the RAF Alconbury Clinic Pharmacy. Additionally, there are two remote Script center locations available for refill pick-ups: the RAF Alconbury Commissary and the RAF Molesworth Pass and ID office. Refrigerated, bulky or controlled medications cannot be picked up using the Script center. When picking up prescriptions for someone else, a written authorization and a copy of the ID is required. Due to our limited formulary, we asked that you verify with the pharmacy in advance if we carry a medication normally filled at another facility to ensure we can obtain the required medication. For any questions, call the pharmacy at DSN 268-4556 or commercial at 01480 844 556. For refills, call 0800 919 121.

Services Not Available at the RAF Alconbury Clinic
Emergency Care
The RAF Alconbury Clinic is not equipped to handle medical emergencies. In case of a true medical emergency, patients must be seen at the nearest civilian Accident and Emergency Room (A&E) or the U.S. Air Force hospital at RAF Lakenheath (IP27 9BN). Peterborough District Casualty Hospital (PE3 6DA), Kettering General Hospital (NN16 8UZ) and Hinchingbrooke Hospital (PE289 6NT) in Huntingdon are the nearest civilian hospitals to the RAF Alconbury area.

The British equivalent to an emergency room is called the Accident and Emergency department or Casualty. A&E is for emergencies only (threat to life, limb or sight or undue pain or suffering). In true medical emergencies, any British emergency room will treat patients who arrive there for care. Persons stationed here on official orders are entitled to emergency care under the Status of Forces Agreement between the U.K. and the U.S. In non-emergencies, you may be referred back to your British General Practitioner or Primary Care Manager for a routine appointment.

If you should need to visit a civilian A&E, it is your obligation to identify yourself, if you are able, as a U.S. active duty member or a DoD-sponsored beneficiary. Give them your sponsor's social security number for entry on any medical form generated from the visit. The civilian hospital needs this information in order to forward any medical documentation directly to the RAF Alconbury Clinic for filing in your medical records.

** Active duty members: You must notify your Primary Care Management Team at the Family Health Clinic the following duty day of any inpatient or outpatient care received at a civilian health care facility. You may do this by calling the appointment line. This is necessary to complete any line of duty determination and any third party liability notifications that may be required.**

This clinic does not have any radiology capabilities, the nearest military facility is the 48th Medical Group at RAF Lakenheath.

Inpatient Care
This clinic does not have any inpatient care capabilities, the nearest military facility is the 48th Medical Group at RAF Lakenheath.

The British System of Health Care
Department of Defense civilians, family members of active duty personnel and retirees can subscribe to the National Health Service by registering at the nearest NHS clinic to where they live. The British system of health care is built around the general practitioner (GP) or family doctor. Subscribers to the NHS are assigned to their own GP. Many GPs will accept enrollment only upon agreement that the patient will go to them exclusively. Patients would consult him/her before seeking any other medical advice or treatment. Specialty care is obtained similarly to our system, with the GP initiating a letter of referral to the specialist on behalf of the patient.

Shuttle Service to the 48 MDG
Limited shuttle service is available for those with appointments at the 48 MDG. Call the RAF Alconbury Clinic Appointment Line at DSN 268-4503 or commercial at 01480 844 503 for information.



  • Bioenvironmental Engineering: 014480844746
  • Dental: 01480844585
  • EDIS: 01480844504
  • Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP): 01480844526


  • Health Promotions: 0148084603
  • Medical Appointment Line: 01480842273
  • Medical Lab: 01480844590
  • Mental Health/ADAPT/Family Advocacy: 01480844504
  • Military/Family Life Consultant Program:

    Alconbury: 07766623560

    Molesworth: 07748255664

  • Patient Advocate: 01480844712
  • Pharmacy: 01638528091
  • Primary Care Behavioral Health: via appointment line 01480842273
  • Public Health: 01480844000
  • Records and Administration: 01480844505
  • Referral Management: 01480844502/4551
  • TRICARE: 01480844561


The 423 MDS does NOT have emergency services


On base: DSN 911 / CELL 01480841911

Off base: 999

NHS Health Advisor: 111

Nearest Accident/Emergency (A&E)

Lakenheath Emergency Room IP27 9PN

Hinchingbrooke (Huntingdon) PE29 6NT

Peterborough PE3 9GZ

Addenbrooke (Cambridgeshire) CB2 0QQ

Kettering Gereral (Kettering) NN16 8 UZ


New Enrollee Information Brochure: AFPIMS INFORMATION 2020\New Enrollees Information Brochure.pdf

423d Medical Squadron Team Information Brochure: AFPIMS INFORMATION 2020\423d Medical Squadron Team Information Brochure.pdf

EFMP Reference Guide Brochure: AFPIMS INFORMATION 2020\EFMP-Brochure 2020.pdf

EFMP-Medical Family Member Travel Screening Information Sheet: The Exceptional Family Member Program FMTS 2020.pdf