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RAF Croughton / RAF Welford / RAF Fairford

Welcome to the 422nd Air Base Group Community.

RAF Croughton is located in Northamptonshire, 40 minutes north of Oxford. RAF Croughton hosts the headquarters of the 422nd Air Base Group, as well as the 422nd Communications Squadron, the 422nd Civil Engineer Squadron, the 422nd Security Forces Squadron, the 422nd Medical Squadron, and the 422nd Air Base Squadron. RAF Croughton also hosts members of the department of state.

RAF Welford is home to the 420th Munitions Squadron, it is located 40 minutes south of Oxford in Oxfordshire. RAF Welford is the second largest convetional munitions storage area in europe, and primarily serves to support RAF Fairford.

RAF Fairford is located in Glouchestershire, half an hour north of Swindon. RAF Fairford is home to the 420th Air Base Squadron, and serves as the preferred bomber forward operating location in Europe for USAF Global Strike Command. RAF fairford boasts one of the longest flightlines in the U.K. and supports a variety of missions and exercises throughout the year.


Pets are a wonderful way to add brightness to your day, and to help relieve stress. The can be or best friends and fondest companions. But bringing them to another country can be difficult. England's vaccination laws are not exactly the same as they are in the U.S. and transporting your pet overseas can be costly. For some tips on what to do to ensure your pet arrives safely click here.

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Inprocessing Procedures

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Relocation assistance

Flights / Couriers

 Movement of Government Owned Firearms from, to and within the United Kingdom

 Military members, DoD civilians and units who travel and/or transport government owned firearms in, out and within the  United Kingdom for TDY, Exercises, deployment or redeployment purposes, must submit an official notification to USAFE-  UK/A4 no later than 72 hrs prior to movement for proper coordination between MDP and local constabularies. This  requirement applies to anyone traveling with firearms through air, sea and rail ports of embarkation and debarkation. The  official form can be obtained by emailing usafe-uk.a4@us.af.mil and must be submitted by the Unit’s Deployment Manager.


One of the most important parts of getting settled into a new base is having transportation. U.K. vehicle laws differ slightly from U.S. laws but not so much as to significantly inhibit bringing a U.S. spec vehicle with you. Modifications to fog lights, and passing a roadworthiness exam (M.O.T.) will be some of the larger hurdles you will face once your vehicle has arrived in the U.K.

To register a UK spec vehicle on base, bring the V5C document along with your 3rd AF license and home nation driver’s license to Pass & Registration on RAF Croughton.

For the registration of a non UK vehicle, you will provide Pass & Registration with your original title or registration  certificate, your MOT certificate (gained from a VOSA  registered mechanic) and your C&E 941 customs form, which you will  receive from Pass & Registration prior to collecting your vehicle from the VPC at Mildenhall.


For more information click here.

Sponsor Information

Prior to joining the 422nd Air Base Group community it is important that you make contact with a sponsor at your gaining unit to ensure a smooth transition, and a quick adjustment to your new surroundings. Below is some information that will be useful both to you and your sponsor.

Registering a P.O. Box:

If you wish to secure a P.O.Box, provide the following details to the Post Office as well as a copy of your orders: 

- Name of military member (first, middle and last) 
- Rank 
- Current DSN 
- Current Unit and Address 
- Report No Later Than Date 
- Married or Single 
- Dependent first and last names

Lodging / Housing

Child Care / Education