Human Performance Optimization

HPO Staff:

Lt Col Abraham Poston, Wing Human Performance Director

DSN: 314-268-1503

Commercial: +44 01480 841503


RAF Alconbury (Alconbury, Molesworth, Stavanger)

Building 671, Second Floor

Steven Gonzalez, MSc Strength and Conditioning, Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach 

DSN: 314-268-1504 

Commercial: +44 01480 841504


Tijuana Odom, MSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker 

DSN: 314-268-1505

Commercial: +44 01480 841505


RAF Croughton (Croughton, Fairford, Welford)

Building 60

Phil Samuel, Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, MSc Applied Sports Nutrition, 

DSN: 314-236-8568 

Commercial: +44 01480 848568


Denese McDonald, MSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker 

DSN: 314-236-8566

Commercial: +44 01480 848566


HPO Goals:

Holistic approach to improving all Airmen’s performance and readiness through investments in their physical, mental, social, nutritional, and spiritual wellness.

Enhance physical and mental readiness through limited, rotational, embedded HPO teams focused on education, prevention, early detection, and optimization. 

Reduce the number of man days lost to preventable injuries, reduce profiles, reduce individual stress, improve team dynamics, enhance the warrior athlete ethos and prepare a “fit to fight now” human weapon system.

HPO Menu of Services:

Workplace assessment (injury risk, ergonomics, communication, etc.)

Personal fitness assessments (injury, InBody, Waist to Height, personal fitness plans)

PTL training (increase PTL proficiency)

Group classroom training (fitness, sleep, nutrition, weigh loss/gain, stress, goals, etc.)

Group PT (CSCS can lead scheduled unit PT and to provide open workouts at Fitness Center or BeaverFit) 

1:1 Personal Fitness Training 

Healthy Meal Options (One-month meal plan with dorm residents in mind)

Personal life coaching discussions (stress, goals, mental health, referral to helping orgs, etc.)

Limited-Scope Counseling (LCSW’s)

Referral and Hand-offs (Health Promotion, MFLC, Mental Health, Chaplain, M&FRC)