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  • Resilience: Mind, Body, Social And Spirit

    "Our job is to fight and win the nation's wars. We'll never be good enough at it; we've got to get better every day. It's not an easy task, which is why Comprehensive Airman Fitness is so important,” said Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark A. Welsh III. “Our focus must be on the well-being and care for ourselves, each other and our families so we can be more resilient to the many challenges military service brings."
  • The Value of Tradition

    When I walked into the 422d Communications Squadron a little over a year ago, I was amazed to see the heritage room…the Tiger's Den.  It was immediately obvious to me there was a lot of pride in this unit…my new squadron.  The legacy equipment, the historical documents and memorabilia, the earned awards and accolades.  It was refreshing to see so
  • The Importance of "Do It Right"

    When I arrived at my first duty station as a young A1C, one of the first things my NCOIC, MSgt Randall Keller did was ask for me to build an RG-58 test cable, which is just simply a cable very similar to what connects your cable box to your TV set. He explained that, in addition to meeting all of the technical standards listed in the T.O., he
  • Situational Balance for Work and Life

    Finding a proper work-life balance can sometimes seem to be an impossible task. We think 50/50 is the true concept of balance, but realistically with what work and life throws at us, it is around 80/20. What we really need to do is find the right balance at the right moment in our careers and the variety of positions we fill. Finding balance is
  • Never again

    Perspective comes in many ways. When I was at a previous assignment, I thought my 45-minute bus commute to work was horrible, but then I PCS’d and had an hour plus drive to work every day. Turns out sitting on the bus, being able to read, listen to music, or even sleep a little wasn’t that bad. I just needed an experience to give me a little
  • It Might not Always be This Way

    “Look at the size of that flag,” I exclaimed, pointing at a massive Stars and Stripes that nearly blocked out the sun as it unfurled. It was flying high above a car dealership, one of many that dot New Jersey’s busy state highways. My father was driving, and without letting more than a moment pass, responded by telling me that if I joined the
  • What Lessons Will You Teach?

    You're likely wondering, "What lessons could be taught from a simple personal encounter?" Well, upon arrival to work each day I greet my front office staff with a hearty “good morning” and ensure I follow each task request with a “please” and “thank you.” It’s just a small thing, but I personally believe that simple gestures such as saying "please"
  • What Makes a Good Wingman?

    In my office, in a tattered picture frame, I keep a small black and white copy of an old photograph. To many people entering my office the photo of six young men standing locked arm-in-arm would seem unremarkable. However, the photograph means so much more to me.  The picture was actually captured right before my uncle and his fellow Marine’s
  • See Something Say Something

    Everyone, from Squadron Commanders to our First Term Airmen, spouses, dependents, civilians, contractors, mission partners and community, all play an important role in safety and security, including operational security (OPSEC). It is the responsibility of all base personnel to contribute to the defense of the installation. All personnel must
  • Perspective

    On a recent trip abroad, we had the pleasure of meeting a humble man from India. He was married with five children and spent the last 18 years separated from his family. He chose this lifestyle so he could financially support his family back home. In terms I could equate to the Air Force, he is voluntarily serving an 18 year remote assignment away