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  • Air Force lawyer fights for all

    "Law is sort of the family business. In my family, you either become a doctor or a lawyer...My true passion is conflict resolution of international crises and advocating for the human rights of marginalized groups."

  • Building relationships through shared meals and conversations

    If you are unable to travel home to celebrate the holiday season with your family this year, I encourage you to take the time to share a holiday meal with your fellow Airmen, and/or your host nation friends or neighbors. Put down your cell phones and have a conversation about your cultures’ foods

  • What’s your Target?

    “If you don’t know your target you will never get there.” In your career you will have many twists and turns but the key to moving forward is knowing what your target is.

  • Are You Ready?

    Life is made up of crisis points. The decisions we make in those moments define us but we only get the chance to make those decisions if we prepare...How is your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health? Are you ready?

  • Fostering a Culture of Excellence and a Winning Mindset

    Many of us have been given a project or duty that is inherently an uphill battle. We look at the situation and it is almost impossible to not be discouraged by the daunting tasks that lay ahead. It is in this moment we all have two choices in front of us; we can embrace this challenge with our

  • We Lost the Cows…the Power of Self Reflection

    As leaders, it is vitally important to reflect and look upon the past experiences that have shaped our lives and affect who we are. There are certain moments, clips of mental images and experiences, that time warp my mind, body and spirit into a “holodeck” like encounter. Encounters that allow me to

  • Outlook Will Always Determine Outcome

    As I commemorate my first year commanding the 422nd Medical Squadron, I take an introspective look back at the amazing leaders and Airmen I’ve worked for and served, the successes attained, as well as challenging leadership environments and obstacles that I’ve overcome in my almost 20 years serving