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  • Know your co-workers, family, friends and those you lead

    “I just can’t stand it! He is ALWAYS asking me why we are doing something, why we need it, and always asking if I have thought of all the options!”My SNCO sat in front of me in frustration, ready to lay the book down on our airman. As I listened, I realized the issue at hand was not necessarily insubordination, as was being insisted. The issue was
  • Correcting a Superior

    "There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long-range risks of comfortable inaction."- President John F. Kennedy. This message could not have been delivered any clearer, especially concerning military ethos. Even though the speech had political intentions, President Kennedy’s military background probably inspired him to
  • What Is Time Management?

    I’m going to turn back the clock a few years to when I was just a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force.  The year was 1996, the place was Fairchild AFB and the building the Wing Safety Office. I had just cross trained from being a Security Policeman to a Safety Technician. A lot of my job was to teach newcomers, Supervisor Safety Training, and other
  • Professional Networking and your future

    Do you remember Corporal Radar O’Reily from M*A*S*H?  He went from being “wet-behind-the-ears” to a connected networker who kept his unit supplied.   Or Max Klinger who took over Radar’s clerk position and not only kept the unit in medical supplies but was also able to have his beloved Tony Paco’s Hungarian Hotdogs (Kolbasz) delivered to the remote
  • Battle Between Two Wolves

    The Cherokee Proverb regarding the ‘Battle Between Two Wolves’ inside all of us has been a long-time favorite and truly resonates with me.  The proverb explores the struggle between opposing elements within us: the ‘Good Wolf’ which represents qualities like kindness, love, humility, and truth and the ‘Bad Wolf’ who represents greed, anger,
  • Individual Resilience and Organizational Excellence

    The 501 Combat Support Wing continues to progress forward on a steady path towards increased innovation and overall organizational effectiveness. In this pursuit we would be wise to look at more than rebuilding infrastructure and growing our ranks with more people. Organizational effectiveness should also be pursued by focusing our efforts on what
  • Believe in yourself!

    17 years old and already a high school dropout, I recall walking by the local community college in Pasco, Washington and thinking “Only smart people go there, I’ll never be able to.”This experience occurred 26 years ago but was a catalyst to what would transpire in my life from that point forward. At the time, I was working full time for a small

    One of the important tasks as an emergency manager is to prepare the base for any hazard that could occur. We harp on the importance during CBRN Defense Survival Skills, Base Emergency Preparedness Orientation and even during our National Preparedness Month and yet people still head straight to the frozen food section before a hurricane/typhoon. We
  • A worldview from a watchman

    When we first met, he wouldn’t look at me. I was a bright-eyed second-grader who had grown up in a loving family and had easy access to the American dream - food on the table, an education and a future full of possibilities. He was a middle-aged man from India, his lined face making him appear much older than he was; his life from birth defined by
  • Teammates

    A last minute change to a deadline requires an award package be submitted by close of business the next day. Please keep in mind, this change does not account for today’s meetings, appointments, other taskers, and/or customer service aspects in your already packed schedule. Thankfully, the seemingly impossible turns into a reality in a unit with a