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  • 2, 3, and 4

      Have you ever met someone who is only looking out for themselves?  I refer to these individuals as having a “ME” mentality, not a “WE” mentality, failing to look out for the team.  For most of us this is a deal breaker in building a positive relationship.  As a veteran of 17 years, I have seen this mentality create a negative work environment by
  • The "F" Word

    Webster’s dictionary describes this word as, “the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective.” It’s a word that is considered taboo in the military because we are taught that this word is not an option. Abraham Lincoln encountered this word at least 14 times before being elected to the office of the President of The United
  • Winter is Coming

    With the recent reduction in daylight due to daylight savings, our days are getting shorter and our nights are becoming longer. Consequently, “Winter is Coming” and I’m not referring to the next season of Game of Thrones, but the arrive to work and go home in the dark, bone-chilling, is this darkness ever going to end, type of winter. Yet, as the
  • Small Group Leadership

    To build a truly effective team, you must build trust. Your subordinates and peers must have faith that you will look out for their safety and development, and that you won’t abandon them in their moment of need.
  • Keep it Fun

    High-performing units are like unstoppable machines and are wonders to behold. Their members are motivated and seem to over-deliver. Processes are streamlined while work gets done faster and with higher quality. It’s almost as if something is in the air that drives everyone forward, ever gaining momentum while racking up win after win after win. In
  • Own your A’s

    When I was very young, my best friend and mentor was my Grandfather. To me, he was a larger than life, somewhat scary, John Wayne-esk type of man. He taught me so many things, but there were a few things that stuck with me the most: Do things right the first time, and take care of your things by having pride in ownership.
  • Resilience: Mind, Body, Social And Spirit

    "Our job is to fight and win the nation's wars. We'll never be good enough at it; we've got to get better every day. It's not an easy task, which is why Comprehensive Airman Fitness is so important,” said Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark A. Welsh III. “Our focus must be on the well-being and care for ourselves, each other and our families so we can be more resilient to the many challenges military service brings."
  • The Value of Tradition

    When I walked into the 422d Communications Squadron a little over a year ago, I was amazed to see the heritage room…the Tiger's Den.  It was immediately obvious to me there was a lot of pride in this unit…my new squadron.  The legacy equipment, the historical documents and memorabilia, the earned awards and accolades.  It was refreshing to see so
  • The Importance of "Do It Right"

    When I arrived at my first duty station as a young A1C, one of the first things my NCOIC, MSgt Randall Keller did was ask for me to build an RG-58 test cable, which is just simply a cable very similar to what connects your cable box to your TV set. He explained that, in addition to meeting all of the technical standards listed in the T.O., he
  • Situational Balance for Work and Life

    Finding a proper work-life balance can sometimes seem to be an impossible task. We think 50/50 is the true concept of balance, but realistically with what work and life throws at us, it is around 80/20. What we really need to do is find the right balance at the right moment in our careers and the variety of positions we fill. Finding balance is