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  • Believe in yourself!

    17 years old and already a high school dropout, I recall walking by the local community college in Pasco, Washington and thinking “Only smart people go there, I’ll never be able to.”This experience occurred 26 years ago but was a catalyst to what would transpire in my life from that point forward. At the time, I was working full time for a small

    One of the important tasks as an emergency manager is to prepare the base for any hazard that could occur. We harp on the importance during CBRN Defense Survival Skills, Base Emergency Preparedness Orientation and even during our National Preparedness Month and yet people still head straight to the frozen food section before a hurricane/typhoon. We
  • A worldview from a watchman

    When we first met, he wouldn’t look at me. I was a bright-eyed second-grader who had grown up in a loving family and had easy access to the American dream - food on the table, an education and a future full of possibilities. He was a middle-aged man from India, his lined face making him appear much older than he was; his life from birth defined by
  • Teammates

    A last minute change to a deadline requires an award package be submitted by close of business the next day. Please keep in mind, this change does not account for today’s meetings, appointments, other taskers, and/or customer service aspects in your already packed schedule. Thankfully, the seemingly impossible turns into a reality in a unit with a
  • Planning Your Future

    Leaving choices and decisions to the last minute can cost you. It can cost you opportunities, time, money, and more importantly your sanity. By planning ahead you’ll be able to take advantage of that time, whether it be to prepare properly for a change in your career, career progression, spending less time procrastinating, or taking back your
  • I am an American Airman, I am a Warrior

    It is a cold, dark morning on the sleepy hollows of RAF Alconbury. As everyone begins to awaken and start their journey to work, the base still seems eerily quiet compared to any other base I have been stationed. I go into work and I see my Airmen starting their day. They are 423rd Communications Squadron Airmen, ensuring that the network is up and
  • Involvement in the Community

    Growing up in a small West Texas town with a population of less than 1000, I was taught at an early age the importance of community.  I was involved in many organizations that gave back to the community from participating in the annual “Rabbit Twisters” play, to organizing a youth choir to sing Christmas Carols at the small retirement home in my
  • Work/Life Balance in the Military

    Having served 6 deployments within my first 12 years of service, I believed there was no such thing as work/life balance in the military.  Being a mother and a wife to a civilian spouse who often had to sacrifice his career in order to support mine, seemingly, there was always going to be a significant deficit on my end of the ‘balance’ spectrum.
  • Adapting and overcoming

    The United States Air Force has been built on long standing traditions and values. The Air Force as a whole consists of a melting pot of individuals differing in race, religion, age, and beliefs. The conflict that is sure to follow will involve the transition of a young man or woman into a highly functional member of the military; there is a big
  • 2, 3, and 4

      Have you ever met someone who is only looking out for themselves?  I refer to these individuals as having a “ME” mentality, not a “WE” mentality, failing to look out for the team.  For most of us this is a deal breaker in building a positive relationship.  As a veteran of 17 years, I have seen this mentality create a negative work environment by