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  • Working and Living in Norway

    It was a bright and chilly day at the NATO Joint Warfare Center in Stavanger, Norway. Jennifer Comstock, the School Liaison Officer for the 426th Air Base Squadron, is working at her computer, typing away. She welcomes visitors into her office with a cheerful smile and loves to talk about the experience of living in Norway. This is her first time
  • Increasing lethality: Defenders leverage innovation through training

    On any given day – rain, shine or otherwise – the Airmen of the 501st Combat Support Wing’s two security forces squadrons are charged with protecting the thousands of personnel who enter and exit the wing’s seven geographically separated units.
  • Molesworth honor guard rekindles joint patriotism

    Editor's note: Due to the sensitivity of the joint intelligence mission, the last names of personnel have been removed in this article.A line of seven U.S. Service members stand together, clad in their respective services' ceremonial uniforms, carrying the Army, Marine, Navy, Air Force and American flags, with two riflemen on each end.Their
  • Joint command helps Airman jumpstart same-sex marriage

    Editor's note: Due to the sensitivity of the joint intelligence mission, the last names of personnel have been removed in this article.U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Gabrielle knew she wanted to marry Lucy, Anglia Ruskin Peterborough University nursing student, the moment they met.After six months of dating, Gabrielle, Joint Intelligence Operations
  • ONE: weight off her shoulders

    Editor's Note: This story is part of an ongoing series highlighting the amazing individuals of the 501st Combat Support Wing. Click here for the full version of the story. Her fingers brushed against engraved metal as they closed around the cold, steel cylinder. Tightening her grip, in one fluid motion she hoisted the solid, metallic mass into the
  • ONE: a defender's story

    |  ONE.1  |  ONE.2  |  ONE.3  |  ONE.4  | ONE: a defender's story (U.S. Air Force graphic by Staff Sgt. Jarad A. Denton, animation by Staff Sgt. Joseph Vigil/Released)  The brilliant, blue lights flashed in tandem with one another as the white, Chevrolet Impala
  • ONE: first job, second chance

    img { opacity: 0.4; filter: alpha(opacity=50); /* For IE8 and earlier */ } img:hover { opacity: 1.0; filter: alpha(opacity=100); /* For IE8 and earlier */ }|  ONE.1  |  ONE.2  | ONE.3 |   With outstretched arms, he stood motionless as the imposing gray
  • Heroes of Molesworth: CrossFitters honor fallen Soldier

    Heavy breathing, pools of sweat and the feeling of pain searing through almost every muscle. Although you're exhausted, you clench your teeth and push through the pain - you keep going. You keep going with the thought that the physical pain is nothing compared to what he might have felt the day he died. Members of CrossFit Molesworth joined
  • ONE: hello, first sergeant

    |  ONE.1  |  ONE.2  |   He sighed. It wasn't an audible, overemphasized breath, but rather an expression of relief as he stared at the last email he needed to answer before he could go home and see his family. For the briefest of moments, he enjoyed the gentle breeze that floated
  • ONE: flight of the Ultra Lord

    A cocksure smile spread across his face, as eyes that had seen thousands of miles while staring down the curvature of the earth seemed to twinkle in the mid-morning sun. Slowly, the “Ultra Lord” leaned back in his chair as a medical technician checked his blood pressure – a necessary precaution. “Basically the plan is we fly north until it turns