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RAF Fairford & RAF Welford

Use the links below to explore the supports available to 501st personnel, mission partners and families at RAF Fairford & RAF Welford:


The 422d Air Base Squadron hosts all the fun and provides the services on which you rely.  Find all the latest events, ITT trips, bowling and arts & crafts activities, fitness and dining information as well as support with DEERS/CSS, lodging, childcare, post office, library, education, VAT relief and auto hobby.

422d Air Base Group Welcome Guide

The PCS Welcome Guide helps answer your questions about relocating to the UK. 

Pathfinder Happenings Events at Fairford-Welford

Discover the events hosted by organizations and partnerships at Fairford and Welford.

Croughton Housing 

The Croughton Housing Office serves RAF Fairford and RAF Welford.  Find out how to secure housing off-base and where to go for help.

Croughton Commissary 

Croughton has a small commissary offering many of your home favorites.  RAF Fairford and Welford do not currently have a commissary.

Croughton Base Exchange (AAFES)

Croughton has a small BX and online orders can be shipped to the store.  RAF Fairford and Welford do not currently have an AAFES store.

Fairford-Welford Directory


420th Air Base Squadron 

420th Munitions Squadron 

Mission Partners

USAF Global Strike Command


RAF Fairford is located in Gloucestershire, half an hour north of Swindon. RAF Fairford is home to the 501st Combat Support Wing Headquarters and the 420th Air Base Squadron and serves as the preferred bomber forward operating location in Europe for USAF Global Strike Command. RAF Fairford boasts one of the longest flightlines in the U.K. and supports a variety of missions and exercises throughout the year.

RAF Welford is home to the 420th Munitions Squadron located 40 minutes south of Oxford in Oxfordshire. RAF Welford is the second largest conventional munitions storage area in Europe and primarily serves to support RAF Fairford.

Fairford-Welford Resilience Resources

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