RAF Blenheim Crescent

RAF Blenheim Crescent

Use the links below to explore the supports available to 501st personnel, mission partners and families serving at Blenheim Crescent:


The 422d Air Base Squadron hosts all the fun and provides the services on which you rely.  Find all the latest events, ITT trips, bowling and arts & crafts activities, fitness and dining information as well as support with DEERS/CSS, lodging, childcare, post office, library, education, VAT relief and auto hobby.

Croughton Housing 

On-base housing is not available at RAF Blenheim Crescent.  The Croughton Housing Office will assist you in securing housing off-base.

Croughton Commissary 

Croughton has a small commissary offering many of your home favorites.

Blenheim Crescent Directory

Mission Partners

European Office of Aerospace Research and Development (EOARD) 

Air Force Research Laboratory (EOARD) 

Office of Naval Research Global 

Naval Criminal Investigations Service-Europe-Africa Field Office 

Joint NATO National Support Element 

Defense Energy Support Center-DLA Energy


RAF Blenheim Crescent is located in Greater London.  It is home to branch offices of the European Office of Aerospace Research and Development, US Army International Technology Center Atlantic, the Office of Naval Research Global, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, the Joint NATO National Support Element, the Defense Energy Support Center and the Fleet Industrial Supply Center.

Services at Blenheim Crescent

DEERS Office

DSN: 314-235-6469

Commercial: +44 01895 616469

Post Office

DSN: 314-235-6222

Commercial: +44 01895 616222