423d Air Base Group

Headquartered on RAF Alconbury, the 423d Air Base Group delivers unrivalled services to support combat capability and quality of life to joint personnel on RAF Alconbury, RAF Molesworth, Stavanger, mission partners, and multiple geographically separated units. The group is composed of seven squadrons across the United Kingdom and Norway. 

Provide combat support to enable global command, control, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance in support of U.S. and NATO objectives

Vibrant communities: Ready & Resilient Airmen and Families 

- Enable Combat Operations – Readiness
- Engage Joint and International Partners
- Enhance Quality of Life

Point of Contact:
Email: 423abg.cce@us.af.mil 
DSN: 314-268-4230 or Commercial: +44 1480-84-4230
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426th Air Base Squadron

423d Civil Engineer Squadron

423d Communications Squadron

423d Force Support Squadron

423d Medical Squadron

423d Security Forces Squadron