Stavanger AB

Stavanger AB

Use the links below to explore the supports available to 501st personnel, mission partners and families at Stavanger AB:

The 426th Air Base Squadron hosts all the fun and provides the services on which you rely.  Find all the latest events, activities, fitness and dining information as well as support with DEERS/CSS, post office and education.

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Stavanger Newcomers

The Newcomer Guide helps answer your questions about relocating to the Norway.

Pathfinder Happenings at Stavanger

Discover the events hosted by organizations and partnerships at Stavanger.

Stavanger Housing

On-base housing is not available at Stavanger.  Find out how to secure housing off-base and where to go for help.

Stavanger Base Exchange (AAFES)

Stavanger has a small BX offering limited supplies.  Online orders can be shipped to the store.

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         426th Air Base Squadron 

         Joint Warfare Center

Stavanger Air Base is home to the 426th Air Base Squadron, the 501st Combat support Wing's only base outside of the UK. Stavanger also hosts the NATO Joint Warfare Center which serves as NATO's focal point for full-spectrum joint operational training.

Stavanger Air Base is located 15 minutes outside the city of Stavanger, Norway.  Because of the 426th Air Base Squadron's unique position, PCSing to Stavanger takes some extra considerations.


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