Traffic Management Office

RAF Alconbury TMO

DSN:  314-268-3723

Commercial: +44 1480-843723 


Location: BLDG 561A, RM 4, RAF Alconbury, PE28 4DA

Opening Hours: 0800-1700 Monday-Friday (CLOSED US Holidays)

RAF Croughton TMO

DSN: 314-236-8488

Commercial: +44 01280 708488


Location: Bldg 153, Room 3

While you cannot make arrangements without official, approved and funders orders you can still plan and prepare for your move by asking questions; researching guidance and tips; and organizing ahead of time (items to be shipped, personal inventories, utilities etc.). As soon as you receive orders proceed to or your nearest TMO facility to initiate the movement of your personal property, POV shipping guidance and travel arrangements as applicable.


The following options are authorized to move personal property. However, ensure entitlements are confirmed with your local TMO and reflect on PCS orders.

Household Goods (HHG) – used for furniture/larger items and generally goes by sea, which can take 60-75 days to transit. HHG is restricted to your authorized weight allowance (by rank) unless orders or destination sets limitations.

Unaccompanied Baggage (UB) – is size restricted (40 (L) x 32 (H) x 23 (W)) and weight restricted and is intended for “comfort” items to send ahead of leave behind longer. UB transits via AMC terminals as Space A cargo and can take up to 45 days to transit.

Non-Temporary Storage (NTS) – only entitled in certain circumstances (please check with your TMO) and involves some or all HHG being placed into government storage until the customer is no longer authorized. Note, any items stored in NTS are considered part of your weight allowance for each PCS (while it remains under government storage).

Non-Temporary Storage Release (NTSR) – customers can have authorized NTS items released (if entitled to new location) once a physical street address has been established for direct delivery as there is no entitlement to Storage-In-Transit (SIT) for a NTSR shipment.

Personally Procured Move (PPM) – can be completed as ‘Do-It-Yourself’ (DITY), commonly used when driving between locations, or as a ‘Postal Shipment’ between locations. A PPM allows the customer to be reimbursed the government shipping rate for any items they move provided certified weight tickets (and authorization in orders for civilian employees). A PPM can be quicker as it either accompanies a customer in their vehicle or utilizes the US Post Office and can save space in suitcases when travelling but a customer cannot expect to be fully reimbursed or reimbursed for insurance.

Note, if you are shipping personal property to the United Kingdom (UK) be aware that UK Customs can take up to 10 working days to clear shipments to the UK agents therefore be prompt to update your contact details on or with TMO to ensure you can be contacted as needed by TMO or the UK agent handling your personal property. The UK has strict rules for what can or cannot be imported, refer to your DD1434 for clarification on these items ( and Customs will be thorough on your inventory (therefore important to check descriptions).

Below is RAF Alconbury’s TMO recommended “tips” for moving to/from the UK.


PCS Out (of UK)

PCS In (to UK)

· Ensure you, or Power of Attorney (POA) is available between 0800 and 1700 at property as crews can arrive at any point (unless you’ve been advised otherwise).

· Make sure you have all supplies you need for the duration of your pack-out or delivery so that your crew are not left unattended.

· Walk through your property (and communal areas) prior to crew arrival and before they leave so that damage to property can be assessed.

· If residing on base, be prepared to escort your crew.

· Remove unauthorized items (hazardous or flammable) to protect your shipment and other customer’s shipments (you could be liable).

· If applicable, segregate Unaccompanied Baggage items and place in one area within the property (e.g. on dining table).

· If authorized, segregate Professional Gear before packers arrive.

· Get a POA if required and make sure you are confident that they know your wishes.

· Consider childcare or petcare for pack-outs & deliveries.

· Avoid other services being at your property when the crew are – cable, FMO.

· Obtain appraisals for antiques & keep receipts for “high value items”.

· Prepare a video & photo inventory of items (TV, games console etc.) and consider an inventory of collectibles (DVDs, shoes, comic books etc.).

· Remove inventory stickers from previous moves.

· Make clear items not to be packed such as furnished goods or loaner appliances.

· If you intend to ship appliances such as a fridge, washing machine make sure it is fully defrosted ahead of time.

· If applicable, be ready for planned pre-inspections from your packing agent and TMO.

· Bring out items that are in small, compact areas (attics, pantry cupboard).

· For pre-packed boxes, such as seasonal decorations in plastic totes, do not fully seal so crew can inspect for inventory purposes and be prepared to sign a waiver for packing liability.

· Keep items intended for travel, out-processing out of the way.

· Have Ziploc baggies on standby for hardware to secure to items for safer transit.

· Check inventories are accurate and items are clarified – such as stuffed toy animals (not to be confused as taxidermy) and kitchen knives include kitchen in description.

· Update your contact details as soon as possible.

· When looking at properties, consider if your furniture will fit as any overflow is the customer’s responsibility to store on the economy or dispose of.

· Give your UK (delivery) agent a heads up if your property has parking restrictions (can a big truck fit outside easily?) or difficult access (is it a flat on the third floor and no elevator?).

· Advise your delivery agent if you want a full unpack, reassembly as this if your entitlement but it will help them to allocate more time for your crew (they may do multiple jobs in one day!). Check paperwork on the delivery day if you have agreed to dispose of boxes left behind or if the agent will return to collect.

· Avoid collecting property keys and delivery the same day in the event of complications or delays that can lead to attempted delivery charges.

· Ensure rooms are clear and considering labelling rooms to guide crew on where items belong (save directions each time).

· Have your inventory handy to check off items as they come off the truck and annotate inventory numbers, if applicable, for claims purpose.

· Document damage (photos).


For more thorough guidance, regulations and entitlements please refer to the below DTR links and verify with your branch any service specific restrictions:

DTR Part IV – Attachment K1

DTR Part IV – Attachment K2

DTR Part IV – Attachment K3

DTR Part IV – Attachment K4

DTR Part IV – Attachment K5

AIR FORCE – / 210-652-3357
MARINE CORPS – / 703-695-7765
NAVY – / 855-444-6683

Privately Owned Vehicles (POV)

If you are authorized to ship a POV at government you will need to refer to the website which will allow you to schedule an appointment; view Vehicle Processing Center (VPC) details; and guidance on preparing your vehicle ahead of shipping. Check with your sponsor if your destination has special requirements (e.g. vehicle modifications, emissions tests etc.). Coming into the UK, we recommend contacting your Pass & Registration department in regards to guidance on obtaining a V5, UK License Plates and other import documentation. When your vehicle has cleared you will be required to be collect it from the VPC located in Mildenhall town.

VPC Details:

IAL Field Road, Mildenhall, Suffolk, IP28 7AL
441638 515714 /

RAF Molesworth Pass & Reg:

BLDG 334, RAF Molesworth
441480 842525 / 314-268-2525


You may ship your pet, at personal expense, with careful planning and research. Some airlines (and may not be the same as yours) will take pets but will have their own individual requirements for size, weight, breed, kennel size, species, and number of animals and you need to find out any destination requirements (vaccinations, quarantine etc.). Depending on destination you may be authorized on a military flight and they can allow you to take small pets. Be aware that commercial and military flights can take pets on a first come, first served basis and can be restricted travel periods due to weather. Alternatively you could work with a pet carrier to send pets on your behalf, but some also cover paperwork and transport to/from airport as well as kenneling. To find out your authorized travel routing contact your servicing Travel Office.