inspector general

The Inspector General office can be reached for assistance, complaint resolution, and fraud, waste and abuse reporting through the contact options below.

501st Combat Support Wing IG

Bldg 561 - RAF Alconbury, Rooms 110 & 116 Bldg 62 - RAF Croughton

DSN: 314-268-3853 / 314-236-8033

Commercial: +44 01480 84 3853

Fraud, Waste and Abuse Hotline: DSN: 314-268-5000

COMM: +44 01480 84 5000


Department of the Air Force/IGQ

Hotline: 800-538-8429



Department of Defense IG

Hotline: 800-424-9098

Fax: 703-604-8567; DSN 664


When to file an IG complaint

If you believe you are unable to resolve your complaint in supervisory channels and you reasonably believe inappropriate conduct has occurred or a violation of law, policy, procedure, or regulation has been commit-ted, contact your servicing IG. Be prepared to briefly outline the facts and relevant background information related to the issue or complaint in chronological order.

Your complaint should answer:

What violation was committed?

What law, regulation, procedure, or policy was violated?

When did the violation occur?

Who committed the violation?

Fraud, Waste & Abuse (FWA)

All personnel have a duty to promptly re-port FWA or gross mismanagement through command/supervisory channels, IG, AF Audit Agency, AFOSI, Security Forces, or Complaint Hotlines.

Hotlines provide military, defense contractors, and civilians with a confidential means of reporting suspicious activity concerning FWA and employee or management misconduct.

Identity of individual making a FWA disclosure is protected and you may remain anonymous.

Complainant’s Rights

File an IG complaint at any level without going through their supervisory channel

File a complaint with an IG without fear of reprisal

File a complaint anonymously through an IG Hotline, the Defense Hotline, or directly with an IG