Contact Information



Military Pay & Travel:

RAF Alconbury 

DSN: 314-268-3640

Commercial: +44 01480 843640

RAF Croughton 

DSN:  314-236-8337

Commercial: +44 01280 708337

RAF Fairford 

DSN: 314-247-4130

Commercial: +44 01280 704130

Stavanger AB

DSN: 314- 224-0539 

Civilian Pay

DSN: 314-236-8280

Commercial: +44 01270 808280

*Phones available during hours of operation

For More Information, Visit the 501 CSW/FM Sharepoint:

The 501 CSW Finance Customer Service is available for walk-ins during hours of operations. Customers are also encouraged to utilize the Finance Customer Service Portal (CSP), email inbox and phone contacts, provided below, for support.

Hours of Operation:

Mon - Fri: 0900-1500 

Mon – Fri: 1100 – 1300 we are open, but due to manning and lunch schedules, certain assistance may not be available.

Note: Closed for training every 2nd Tuesday of the month

*PCS In-Processing:

Location: local finance office

Bring printed orders & receipts, plus other PCS related documents

Please be in uniform

May be done virtually (phone/email)

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