501st CSW, staff judge advocate

 Staff Judge Advocate: Lt. Col. Richard Schrider

Office Hours for Legal Assistance (including Notaries):

No walk-in appointments. For assistance, please request an appointment by emailing 501CSWJA@us.af.mil or calling COMM: 01480 843535 / DSN: 268-3535.


British Liaison Officer:

No walk-in appointments. For assistance, please request an appointment by emailing 501CSWJA@us.af.mil or calling COMM: 01480 843535 / DSN: 268-3535.



The 501st Combat Support Wing Office of the Staff Judge Advocate welcomes eligible members of the Department of Defense community for free assistance with personal civil legal matters. The 501st CSW Legal Office provides legal advice and support in the areas of legal assistance, claims, local national assistance and much more. This typically includes the preparation of wills, advanced medical directives, and powers of attorney; notary services; and advice regarding claims, landlord-tenant issues, the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, and domestic relations.  Additionally, the British Liaison Officer may assist with a variety of local issues ranging from speeding tickets to British customs, to include liaising with host nation authorities (such as local police, prosecutors, and governmental bodies) or interacting with British companies on behalf of individual members of the Visiting Forces.


Eligibility is limited to all members of the Armed Forces on active duty (including members of a reserve component), reservists released from active duty having served 30 days or more, retirees from all branches of the service, DoD civilian employees, and lawful dependents.  However, priority shall be given to Active Duty personnel who need mobilization- or deployment-related legal assistance that facilitates Command readiness.  Contractors are only eligible for basic notary services and the services provided by the British Liaison. 

Additional Information:



Contact Information:

RAF Alconbury: DSN: 268-3535 / COMM: 01480 843535

RAF Croughton: DSN: 236-8650 / COMM: 01280 708650


Building 582, RAF Alconbury
Building 202, RAF Croughton


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*The information provided is for educational and general information purposes only.  It is not legal advice.  If you have questions, speak with a licensed attorney before relying on the information contained within the website to make a decision or take any action.