Stavanger Air Base is home to the 426th Air Base Squadron, the 501st Combat support Wing's only Non-U.K. base. Stavanger also hosts the NATO Joint Warfare Center which serves as NATO's focal point for full spectrum joint operational training.

Stavanger Air Base is located 15 minutes outside the city of Stavanger.

Because of the 426th Air Base Squadron's unique position, PCSing to Stavanger takes some extra considerations.


Please visit the following website for guidance regarding inprocessing, sponsorship, housing, schools, pets, and other useful information for your transition to the 501st Combat Support Wing.  

Stavanger newcomers, click here.

Sponsor information

Prior to joining the Stavanger community it is important that you make contact with a sponsor at your gaining unit to ensure a smooth transition, and a quick adjustment to your new surroundings. 

For more information about how to obtain a sponsor, click here