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Stavanger Air Base is home to the 426th Air Base Squadron, the 501st Combat support Wing's only Non-U.K. base. Stavanger also hosts the NATO Joint Warfare Center which serves as NATO's focal point for full spectrum joint operational training.

Stavanger Air Base is located 15 minutes outside the city of Stavanger.

Because of the 426th Air Base Squadron's unique position, PCSing to Stavanger takes some extra considerations.


Pets are a wonderful way to add brightness to your day, and to help relieve stress. They can be or best friends and fondest companions. But bringing them to another country can be difficult. Norway's pet laws are not exactly the same as they are in the U.S. and transporting your pet overseas can be costly. For some tips on what to do to ensure your pet arrives safely click here.


One of the most important parts of getting settled into a new base is having transportation. Norwegian vehicle laws differ slightly from U.S. laws but so much as to significantly inhibit bringing a U.S. spec vehicle with you. 

US personnel assigned to units in support of NATO in Norway and their dependents, 18 years of age and older, are authorized to operate a POV with a valid operators license issued by any U.S. state, a valid Norwegian operator's license, or a valid international drivers license. 

The use of duty-free vehicles is limited to the eligible person and his/her immediate family members. Temporary visiting members of the family may use the vehicle, but must hold a certificate from the National Support Element confirming their relationship to the eligible person and duration of their stay in Norway. Duty Free vehicles may not be loaned out to non-eligible persons. If another eligible person temporarily uses a vehicle, the temporary user must also carry a certificate confirming his/her status and the duration of the temporary use. Norwegian police have the authority to confiscate the duty free vehicle if violation of the above policy is suspected. 
Seat belts are mandatory for all occupants of a vehicle. 
Vehicles must be operated with headlights on at all times regardless of the time of day. 

* A Motorcycle safety course is not offered at Stavanger. Those individuals desiring to operate a motorcycle in Norway must attend a safety course before departing current station. Please ensure you bring proof of course attendance. Please be advised that your motorcycle safety course is required to be re-newed every three years so if you are current at the time of your PCS but will expire while here you will be responsible for getting re-certified. Please check with your sponsor on the latest guidelines as we are currently reviewing them. 

Sponsor information

Prior to joining the Stavanger community it is important that you make contact with a sponsor at your gaining unit to ensure a smooth transition, and a quick adjustment to your new surroundings. below is some information that will be useful both to you and your sponsor.

Registering a P.O. Box:

If you wish to secure a P.O.Box, provide the following details to the Post Office as well as a copy of your orders: 

- Name of military member (first, middle and last) 
- Rank 
- Current DSN 
- Current Unit and Address 
- Report No Later Than Date 
- Married or Single 
- Dependent first and last names

Lodging / Housing

Child Care / Education

Flights / Travel