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  • By Lt. Col. Roche
Perspective. Ever thought about it? We form our perspective by taking a measurement of our situation, evaluating it, and making a call on what we think is the right interpretation. Ever thought a little deeper about it? Check this out...

I know… big deal. Seen it before. Hang on… Stay with me.

Question: Which side looks like it’s coming out of the page?

Look at the first picture again. Do you still see the same side coming out of the page, or did you see the other side this time? Why did your perspective change (or not)?

Did you know one of the (many!) oddities of quantum physics is the idea that a subatomic particle can exist kind of everywhere and it’s not until we measure it’s position with a detector that all possibilities collapse to a single location? I get it… you’re saying “dude you must be nuts!” But seriously, it really happens and guess what? You’ve already seen it’s true!

Take a look at the first picture one more time. Both of the possibilities exist at the same time… it doesn’t pop out until you measure it and lock your perspective.

Ok, neat. (And thanks for proving you’re a nerd.) So what?

One thing we all know is constant in the military is change. How often do we pull up and objectively measure our mission, our unit, our Airmen, or ourselves? How often do we allow ourselves to change our perspective, even though our environment hasn’t really changed? From complex quantum physics to simple drawings, it’s proven multiple perspectives exist at the same time. Your perspective is just how you look at it!

Whether it’s embracing a new Wing Commander’s vision, consolidating our intelligence mission to a single location, reviewing that checklist (again) for an upcoming UEI, or

rebuilding an airfield to support sustained bomber operations… all of us will be challenged to change our perspectives. Embrace it. Find that new perspective and run with it!

Heck, push this idea a little further and you could say that sometimes “innovation” is merely a change in perspective. So… Who among us can look at a current 501 CSW challenge and see the solution? Who can measure our current and emerging missions as opportunities rather than limitations?

We can! We will!