Update: RAF Alconbury/RAF Molesworth enhances security

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  • 501st Combat Support Wing Public Affairs

RAF Alconbury/RAF Molesworth Community,

You may have noticed some recent additions to the roads as you’ve driven onto base. In an effort to enhance the security at each installation entry control point, the 423rd Security Forces Squadron and 423rd Civil Engineer Squadron are working together to install additional traffic control devices and barriers (i.e. tire devices, speed bumps, and vehicle barriers). These tire devices and other traffic calming measures are a necessary component of base defense and security, designed to prevent traffic from circumventing our Security Forces Installation Entry Controllers, and ultimately ensuring only authorized personnel come onto the installation. These efforts have been in the works for the past year, and you will continue to see additional efforts over the next year to replace some of the temporary devices with more permanent solutions (i.e. replacing speed bump tire devices with in-ground, lower profile tire devices). Vehicle operators are advised to safely navigate the established traffic control devices, and be alert to updates as we continue to enhance security for the base populous.

The tire devices installed were selected from UK vendors specifically to address the lower chassis height of European vehicles. This ensures they cause the minimum inconvenience for the driver, without a sacrifice in effectiveness for the thousands of base employees and residents the 423rd SFS is charged with protecting. While the tire devices may look intimidating, they are safe to drive over as the sharp edge faces the opposite direction of travel - reducing the potential of damage to vehicles unless they are crossed in the wrong direction, reversed over, or crossed at an angle. Although the sound of the current tire device on the undercarriage may be unnerving, this sound is produced by the smooth, rounded backside of the device, which is not placing any significant pressure to the vehicle.  All traffic calming devices are continually evaluated for effectiveness by Civil Engineers, Security Forces, and Antiterrorism subject matter experts, who have determined the best course of action based upon recent events, allotted time, and available resources. 

We ask for an increased emphasis in adhering to slow speed requirements (3 mph/5kph or less) when driving over the “tiger teeth” at the exits of RAF Molesworth and RAF Alconbury. This is the speed recommended by the manufacturer, and driving over the tiger teeth at excessive speeds causes damage to the tiger teeth and creates the potential for tire damage. Our Civil Engineer squadron has recently repaired damage to the tiger teeth.  Accordingly, if you choose to drive over the tiger teeth at a faster speed than is recommended, we advise checking the condition of your tires.

Your patience is seen and appreciated as 501st Combat Support Wing Airmen employ these, and other, means to improve readiness and ultimately execute our mission at the high standard we pride ourselves on. We could not do what we do without your support. Thank you!