A life of service: British liaison reaches 59-year milestone

  • Published
  • By Capt. Lauren McCormick
  • 501st Combat Support Wing Legal Office

Fifty-nine years ago, in 1961, Mrs. Valerie “Val” Lucas took a position with the 501st Combat Support Wing, RAF Alconbury, United Kingdom, as the legal office’s British liaison officer. Having just finished college, she took a position with the Ministry of Defence, helping the base populous interact with local UK authorities. Val recalls that upon her arrival to RAF Alconbury, the construction of the legal office and other buildings were still unfinished.  ­­

Val has quite literally been a part of the RAF Alconbury’s history and development. She looks fondly on the memories of when the base had an operational flying mission, fully stocked with a runway and a host of on-base facilities that have since been handed back over to England.  Those who have met her know she has many amazing stories about the history of the base.

Over the years, Val has witnessed drastic changes across the wing, and the Air Force as a whole, however, her commitment to the 501st CSW community has remained steadfast. She continues to reinforce the base’s ties and communication with the local authorities and serves as the helping hand for base personnel as they navigate issues in a foreign country.

Val is the ever-smiling face of the legal office and works hard to ensure all who come in seeking assistance feel heard and supported. In the office, members of the legal team joke that the Airmen get in trouble just so they can come and talk to her about their lives. Val has proven an invaluable asset and mentor to the base and to all JAG Corps personnel having the privilege to work with her.

On April 24, 2020, Val celebrated her 59th year of service! On behalf of the JAG Corps the 501st CSW Legal Office congratulates Val on this monumental achievement and express sincere gratitude for her ongoing service and friendship.