Chaplain team provides outreach to service members and families in quarantine through care packages

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Eugene Oliver
  • 501st Combat Support Wing Public Affairs

Due to COVID-19 regulations in the United Kingdom every service member and family member who PCS’s to the country is required to quarantine for 14 days.


Last month, the 501st CSW chaplain team began providing care packages to Airmen and their families as they got through their 2 weeks in quarantine.


“I believe it reminds our pathfinders in quarantine that people are thinking about them,” said Captain Amy Bartee, 501st CSW chaplain. “It’s a small thing but sometimes a small thing can be a big thing to someone else.”


The care packages consist of: snacks, candy, cereal, macaroni and cheese, along with a pamphlet on how to contact the 501st CSW chaplain office.


“The idea to do the care packages actually came out of our church community,” said Bartee. “During a meeting we were visioning what we could be doing as a church then someone voiced the idea as a way that we could reach out to the community and let them know we were thinking about them.”


As Airmen continue PCS to the 501st CSW, Bartee spoke about why it’s important to look out for Airmen and their families as they complete their relocation to their new duty station.


“PCS’s can be hard and stressful in the best circumstances,” said Bartee. “Add quarantine and COVID into the mix and the stress accompanying a move can go to a whole new level. In times of stress or change sometimes it’s nice just to know someone is thinking about you.


“This is true perhaps most especially in quarantine where you are not having much interaction with people.”


While speaking on the importance of care for Airmen and their families, Bartee also spoke on the personal gratification her and her colleagues have felt from delivering these care packages.


“I am thankful to all the people who have put in so much time into making this outreach possible,” said Bartee. “From the chapel volunteer and staff, to Alaine Bunce for helping us figure out who to go to in order to get this project started, to the lodging staff who collaborates with us every week, it’s truly been a community effort.


“I believe we are called to be our brother’s keeper and to be a reflection of the goodness and love of God to one another.”


Finally Bartee spoke about how acts of kindness such as this are indicators of how Airmen should continue to push towards looking out for each other.

“If we can look out for and care for each other, if we can help each other along life’s journey, if we can show kindness and compassion to others then I believe we are doing and being a part of what God would call us to be,” said Bartee. Which is something that I aim for while always remembering that there is always so much more to do.”