Pathfinder leadership unites for professional development event

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Jason W. Cochran
  • 501CSW/PA

Effective operations in any organization relies on good communication and aligning efforts toward the mission goal.

In the 501st Combat Support Wing, efficient communication across multiple Geographically Separated Units in two countries is a key objective for Wing leadership.

One way that the 501st pursues this goal is by holding professional development events, where commanders and senior enlisted leaders from across the wing come together to learn and hone their abilities.
Joseph Gomos, 501st Combat Support Wing chief of plans and programs, attended the Wing’s most recent professional development program.
“We have nine separate installations across the wing,” said Gomos. “This is one of the few opportunities where all of the commanders can get together in the same room at the same time.”
The first event the group participated in was at Bletchley Park.

“It’s a pretty fascinating place to visit,” said Gomos. “Also having it near several of our installations and really near one of them was a good opportunity to come together there and kick the event off.”

Amongst the topics covered while meeting at Bletchley Park was manpower. A brief was given by the 100th Force Support Squadron wherein leadership from the 501st were able to ask questions and bounce ideas off of each other to get a clearer picture of what manning will look like in the years to come.

Following the meeting at Bletchley Park, participants were able to tour the grounds, learn about its historic codebreakers and reflect on how supporting intel surveillance and reconnaissance assets was crucial then, and continues to be.

The following meetings covered agile combat employment, discussions about a recent wing exercise and future training objectives.

“There are some things that regardless of how hard you try to do virtually, they are much more effective in person,” said Gomos. “I think an event like this is one of those things. There is alway going to be things in your day to day life that pull you in multiple directions, events like this give you the opportunity to focus purely on what is there in front of you.”

On the last day of the event leadership received an instructional physical training session that covered how to use competition to push people and how to use exercise to build teamwork.

“It’s important to know that these types of events do happen,” said Gomos. “When senior leaders get together there is a certain importance that it fulfills. It gets leadership teams together to discuss not only the mission and how to get it accomplished but there is a whole lot of discussion about Airmen and how to provide the best we can for our folks.”