Women's History Month 2023: Staff. Sgt. Shae Kornbau

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Eugene Oliver

1. What does Women's history mean to you?

“Women's history means to empower young girls around the world with courage, resilience, and inspiration. They will then continue to inspire our future generations and lay the groundwork for them to succeed and be recognized.”

2. Why is it important that we celebrate Women's history month and it's significance to women around the world?

"It's important to celebrate Woman's history month because it teaches women about all they are capable of achieving and it builds respect between one another. I will be a new mom soon to a little girl and I want her to know about all the women that went before her, made sacrifices, and paved the way so she could have a brighter future. Recognizing the importance of Women's history will create a future in which women are celebrated."

3. How does women who've achieved great things In the Air Force have an impact on your career?

"Seeing successful women in the Air Force has impacted my career because it has allowed me to see examples of great women in the military that I can identify with and transform my view of all that's possible. Having a variety of women to look up to has also shown me there are multiple paths to be successful and to embrace my individuality. I have always been inspired by women in history and I hope that I can contribute and affect change in the lives of others the way they did. It does not have to be anything extraordinary or great, as long as it is something I am passionate about and it helps others, that's all that matters."

-Staff Sgt. Shae Kornbau, 423d Medical Squadron NCO in Charge of Preventative Dentistry