Women's History Month 2023: Staff Sgt. Naujy A. Serrano Geigel

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Eugene Oliver
  • 501st Combat Support Wing Public Affairs

1. What does Women's history mean to you?

"Women's history is about gaining knowledge while paying tribute to the women before us that stepped up for change. Rather than striving for equality it is about being seen as the individual entities that we are." 

2. Why is it important that we celebrate Women's history month and it's significance to women around the world?

"Our history empowers current and future women to push the boundaries. It allows us all women to recognize that anything is possible if they see their minds to it. It bestows courage and self-esteem knowing that we can be like those women that paved the way." 

3. How does women who've achieved great things In the Air Force have an impact on your career?

"The women before me set the example and facilitates my success and recognition. I have dedicated my time in the Air Force to honor the women before me by uplifting those women under me." 

-Staff Sgt. Naujy A. Serrano 423d Civil Engineer Squadron NCO in charge of Emergency Management training