422nd Medical Squadron Launches Project 41.1

  • Published
  • By SSgt Jessica Avallone
  • 501 CSW/PA

The 422nd Medical Squadron, located on RAF Croughton, and all of their services are available to Pathfinders and their dependents on RAF Fairford and other geographically separated units. The exception to policy letter was explained and signed at a town hall held at RAF Fairford Nov. 2, 2023.

This policy is effective immediately and applies to all active-duty service members and their EFMP-cleared command sponsored dependents who are currently enrolled in the TRICARE Prime Remote Overseas program.

There was previously a 40-mile limitation on who could use the services at the 422nd MDS military treatment facility. The 40 miles is defined by location of the active duty servicemember’s primary workplace. Those assigned to RAF Fairford fall just 1.1 miles outside of that limit.

With the implementation of Project 41.1 American service members and their families now have access to military medicine’s best care. 

“At RAF Croughton, we are constantly striving to go above and beyond, ensuring that our community receives the care it deserves,” said Maj. Travis Petersen, 422nd Medical Squadron deputy commander and Medical Support Flight commander. “Family members will now have the opportunity to be seen by highly qualified military medicine providers, who understand the military readiness mission.”

To make the project a reality, the 422 MDS created Tiger Teams that meticulously combed through countless policies, procedural instructions, and TRICARE manuals. Their diligent efforts allowed them to develop courses of action that adhered to strict timelines, all of which were meticulously organized and tracked through a comprehensive plan of action over 14 months.

“When healthcare services are conveniently accessible, members receive timely medical attention, leading to faster diagnosis and treatment,” said Petersen. “Individuals can address health concerns promptly and avoid unnecessary suffering, ensuring a better quality of life.”

To apply, members will need to complete a DD form 2853, TRICARE Plus Enrollment Application, and attach it to a secure email to the 422 MDS TRICARE Office at: usaf.croughton.422-abg.mbx.422-mds-tricare@health.mil