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  • Air Force lawyer fights for all

    "Law is sort of the family business. In my family, you either become a doctor or a lawyer...My true passion is conflict resolution of international crises and advocating for the human rights of marginalized groups."

  • Building relationships through shared meals and conversations

    If you are unable to travel home to celebrate the holiday season with your family this year, I encourage you to take the time to share a holiday meal with your fellow Airmen, and/or your host nation friends or neighbors. Put down your cell phones and have a conversation about your cultures’ foods

  • Outlook Will Always Determine Outcome

    As I commemorate my first year commanding the 422nd Medical Squadron, I take an introspective look back at the amazing leaders and Airmen I’ve worked for and served, the successes attained, as well as challenging leadership environments and obstacles that I’ve overcome in my almost 20 years serving

  • Be Positive

    There are innumerable aspects of our personal and professional lives that we cannot control. The baseball-sized hailstorm that destroyed the car you bought with your enlistment bonus…you could not control. How about the time your flight plans changed because the pilot did not show up? Again, you had

  • Welcome to the Team!

    As you’ve all recited many times in the Airmen’ Creed, you are truly part of a “proud heritage and a legacy of valor”. Your contributions and skills continue to add to that legacy. The Air Force is your team now and relies on each of you to continue to make it successful. The simple fact is that you

  • Reflections on Military Service

    Serving in the U.S. military is a special privilege. It is inextricably tied to the deepest roots of our country. The expectations are high, but so is the satisfaction in knowing what we do truly matters. As we reflect on this, let it motivate us to be the best men and women we can be, do our jobs

  • Building an Environment that Fosters Innovation

    I firmly believe in the Chief of Staff’s imperative to “accelerate change or lose.” In order to remain the world’s most dominant Air Force, we must adapt and be prepared to innovate and problem-solve. That starts by empowering our Airmen, and fostering an environment in which innovation and

  • A Note on Excellence

    We are now into our second year of combating COVID-19 and adapting to the resulting upheaval to our way of life. It goes without saying that twelve months ago none of us were expecting the lockdowns to last as long as they have or be as limiting as they are. Nonetheless, we endure them to save