Pathfinder Family: Brothers Carry on Family Legacy

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Chase Sousa
  • 501st Combat Support Wing Public Affairs

Few imagine leaving home to join the military, even fewer imagine doing it with a sibling. For Staff Sgt. Damian Moulder and his brother Senior Airman Cory Moulder, the unlikely circumstance of being stationed together within the same wing, at the same base, in the same squadron and with the same job is exactly what happened.

The brothers work at RAF Welford in the 420th Munitions Squadron as Munition System specialists.

“Both of our parents were pretty shocked, and most people that hear about us working in the same unit are shocked,” said Damian. “Our father retired as a senior Master Sgt. and Cory was actually born right outside of RAF Alconbury in Huntingdon.”

The Moulder’s parents were also stationed with the 501st Combat Support Wing at RAF Alconbury in 1991–94.

“Our parents were stationed at RAF Alconbury, and now we are back in the same wing as our parents were 25 years later,” said Damian. “The Air Force talks about being one big family and we are legitimately a family in the Air Force.”

The Moulder brothers have also worked together before joining the Air Force.

“We both worked at a restaurant together back in the civilian world,” said Cory. “We know each other’s mindsets for the most part and we know how each other works.”

Cory said he was ecstatic when he found out he was going to be stationed with his brother.

I put the 501st CSW as my follow on from Korea and a couple weeks later I got an email with orders here, said Cory. “I was so excited that I immediately called him when we were both at work.”

Because of the conflict of interest, the brothers cannot supervise each other but that doesn’t stop them from working or spending time together.

“Because we grew up together and we know each other so well I can rely on him for anything,” said Damian. “We have never been stationed together before, but I know what to expect from him and what he is capable of.”

“For me it has helped quite a bit having family here,” said Cory. “Coming to a new country and having help getting everything sorted out, like renting a place for the first time and paying bills, he has been there for me. Whenever we want to hang out or have a drink and de-stress, we can.”

This is their first time being stationed together.

“It definitely helps with morale, for our squadron it helps keep high spirits,” said Cory.