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  • Building relationships through shared meals and conversations

    If you are unable to travel home to celebrate the holiday season with your family this year, I encourage you to take the time to share a holiday meal with your fellow Airmen, and/or your host nation friends or neighbors. Put down your cell phones and have a conversation about your cultures’ foods

  • Building an Environment that Fosters Innovation

    I firmly believe in the Chief of Staff’s imperative to “accelerate change or lose.” In order to remain the world’s most dominant Air Force, we must adapt and be prepared to innovate and problem-solve. That starts by empowering our Airmen, and fostering an environment in which innovation and

  • Living with purpose

    The essence of a healthy and full life is a sense of purpose. Those individuals with a steadfast sense of purpose sustain their positive focus even when challenges and difficulties arise. Pain may visit for a season but purpose sustains resilience during the best and most difficult days. 

  • Pathfinders in Norway

    The presence of permanently-assigned Air Force personnel in Norway comes as a surprise to most Airmen. “I had no idea we had a base in Norway” is a typical reaction, followed by the question “What aircraft do you support?” Strictly speaking, we do not have a base in Norway nor do we have an active