Living with purpose

  • Published
  • By Maj. Jonathan Brown
  • 422nd Medical Squadron, Behavioral Health Chief

The essence of a healthy and full life is a sense of purpose. Those individuals with a steadfast sense of purpose sustain their positive focus even when challenges and difficulties arise. Pain may visit for a season but purpose sustains resilience during the best and most difficult days. 

Veterans of the American Armed Services have lived and in some cases died for the purpose of protecting freedom. What is this freedom? Veterans served to protect a child’s right to be educated and to play in safe and supportive communities. Veterans sacrificed to ensure that young adults can pursue and realize their goals and dreams. Veterans labored so that elderly adults can remember the innovations of the past while remaining hopeful for enduring possibilities for their children and grandchildren. Veterans live purposefully to protect these freedoms. Our society is built upon their legacy. 

There is no greater antidote for the despair underlying suicide than the hope residing in purpose. We sustain and support the ongoing purposeful living of our veterans by thanking them, giving them opportunities to work and learn, and supporting their families. We respect their contribution by ensuring they have access to physical and mental healthcare. We make their sacrifice worthwhile by living responsibly and creating a society where neighbors care about one another, the most vulnerable are cherished and cared for, and the most powerful share with gratitude and generosity. On this Veterans’ Day, let us all live with purpose. A veteran fought for us to have this right. Honor them by making good use of it.