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423rd Security Forces Squadron


Location: RAF Alconbury

Mission: The 423rd Security Forces Squadron protects and defends RAF Alconbury and RAF Molesworth to enable intelligence and communication for the warfighter.

Pass and Registration

  • Hours: Mon -Fri 0800-1530 
  • Contact: 268-2525

Visitor Control Center

  • Hours: Mon-Fri 0800-1630; closed all holidays and base down days
  • Contact: 268-3311

Visitor Passes: To sponsor visitors onto the installation, you will need to obtain an AF 75 Visitor Pass from the main gate at RAF Molesworth / Alconbury. You must produce your DOD ID  card and your visitors must produce a valid photographic ID. These passes are issued for a maximum of 72 hours. In the case of immediate family members, a pass may be issued for a maximum of 30 days from Pass & Registration. A  DOD ID card holder may sponsor up to 4 people  and their vehicles on the installation.